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‘Kevin Vincent is a sales trainer and coach extraordinaire. His ability to assist in selling across a broad range of products and services shows he understands the very essence of selling. But it is his ongoing coaching and mentoring that makes him really stand out as a valued member of Network Box.’ Joan McSweeney |  General Manager | Network Box Australasia

Kevin, I want to thank you for your brilliant work on this. Thoroughly professional and only to the standard that I have come to expect from you. Your input into the Company is already having quite a dramatic affect and I am again personally thrilled to have you on board. This is just the beginning. Paul Facoory | Director | EcoMASTER

“Kevin from Vincent Consulting has played a key role in helping Design Energy implement better, more professional management, measurement and planning systems into our company as well as developing the sales and marketing capabilities we required to continue to grow our business. Kevin’s services are delivered with competence and an infectious enthusiasm for his trade and we found working with him to be educational, motivational and enjoyable all at once. I would highly recommend Vincent Consulting to anyone in business looking to improve their game.”Mike Shatford | Managing Director | Design Energy

“Kevin Vincent was recommended to us by our accountants to assist with implementing a sustainable business plan for our  growing business.  Working with Kevin our business now has a great structure and road map to the future, both short and long term. Kevin has made the whole process seamless and easy. He has listened to our vision and requirements while at the same time giving us an outside view and other ideas that we have implemented to assist with the sustainable growth of C Beer Construction Ltd.” Chris Beer | Owner | CBeer Construction Ltd

“In 2011, we engaged  Kevin to assist us with a business plan for expansion plans into the North  Island. It was a really important part of the development process as the  business plan needed to examine not only the opportunity, but all the long  terms needs of the customers and the risks and challenges of the expansion  venture. Kevin, with his natural enthusiasm, was a fantastic asset to the team  and worked both individually and collaboratively with our internal team to  produce an excellent plan that was submitted and agreed with our board of  directors. Nearly a year on, we have enacted our expansion plans and have a  small but expanding team in the lower North Island. I want to thank Kevin for  the part he played in that and would be happy to recommend him to anyone else  who is looking to expand their business.” Jono Brent | CEO Connetics

“To be successful in business one needs to surround themselves with great people. Being a business owner can often be a challenging and lonely role. Making  the right decisions without a clear plan and a balanced sounding board can sometimes lead to expensive  mistakes, lost time and lost opportunity. Kevin has a complete understanding of the needs of business owner. He  has a fantastic range of tools and structures to get the best out of your staff and your investment.  Most importantly he is prepared to keep you accountable for your commitments but at the same time he will roll  up his sleeves, immerse himself in your  business, and assist you in achieving your goals.  I could be mistaken in thinking that Kevin is my business partner due to his personal desire to see my business succeed. I value his guidance, knowledge and direction and count him as an integral part of my success team. Any business would benefit hugely from his involvement.”   Andrew Lamont Managing Director Europica Tiles 

Congratulations on the success of your recent articles on management and leadership topics published in Business Today . It is refreshing to have such an experienced contributing writer with a long history of proven success in senior management and leadership providing real, anecdotal and contemporary management issues coverage. We have had excellent feedback indicating that your articles continue to inspire and motivate many of our readers. Thanks again for your valued contributions; we look forward to working with you on many more editorial columns.”  Tamara Rubanowski | Editor | Business Today Magazine.  Check out Kevin’s latest published article in FMCG.


“Passionate with fantastic energy Kevin Vincent delivers highly relevant and engaging courses backed up by his years of experience. Highly recommend Vincent Consulting to help your business and team excel”. Katie Morgan |  Sales  |Stainless Design Limited 

‘Kevin Vincent is a sales trainer and coach extraordinaire. His ability to assist in selling across a broad range of products and services shows he understands the very essence of selling. But it is his ongoing coaching and mentoring that makes him really stand out as a valued member of Network Box.’ Joan McSweeney |  General Manager | Network Box Australasia

” Kevin was very professional in his manner and it has been a valuable experience taking this course. I know I have learned many positive and motivating things to take back to not only my work place but also my personal life. Do this course – be a better person” Donna Kobylarz |Customer Service  | W H Harris Christchurch 

“It was absolutely fantastic. Great content and material presented. Huge value going forward . Impressive skills from Kevin”. Alejandro Roldan Pardo|  Sales  FRAMECAD Ltd Auckland  

“Kevin’s training was a great confidence boost for me. It was practical, and highlighted where both my strengths and weaknesses were. I also received excellent course materials I can use later.” Dave Watt | Global Inventory Controller| FRAMECAD Ltd Auckland

“A very informative training course. Exceptionally well presented”. Darren Munro  | AliArc Wanganui

“I leave feeling much more empowered to assess and plan towards developing our major accounts – thank you”. Greg Burrows  | Compressed Air Controls Palmerston North

“Thank you Kevin for teaching me the basics on planning right through to gaining the commitment from the customer. This is a really good base for me to grow from. ” Anna Mehrtens  | Envirowaste Auckland

“A very informative course based around sound sales principles. Course material was easy to understand and fun. Kevin’s experience and expertise came to the fore and was easily applicable to any sales role.” Shaun Yates  | Canterbury Aluminium

“I enjoyed the day (Strategic Business Development program) . The knowledge Kevin had to share , along with his humour. I am happy to take “both” away with me.” Sue Barr | Forbes Packaging

“Kevin, Thank you for the generous assistance you provided to some of our Recover Canterbury Businesses in 2012.  Sales and Marketing was an area that many of our quake affected businesses were challenged with as they focused on reconnecting with their market and growing new ones.  The 12 attendees of your Proactive Selling program reported a lot a of useful tips and general value from this course.” Gill Dal Din  | Canterbury Development Corporation 

“I have used the selling tool with good results.  So much so, that I managed to sign up the case I used as an example on the day of our workshop as well as another contract since the workshop!  I’ve made the best use of the preparation and objectives part of the planner to date.  It was an area I struggled with in the past. Many thanks for the course, it is proving very helpful.  I hope to be able to get on another of your courses in the not too distant future. ” Damien Cook | Versatile Homes and Buildings 

“I had a fantastic time attending the proactive selling course. I left feeling equipped with the skills needed to succeed and within 2 days secured a major client and within two weeks another one. I would definitely recommend this workshop for anyone serious about learning to sell or brushing up on their sales skills”. Sarah Chalmers | EDIY

” Dear Kevin, Many thanks for your direction in the Telephone Selling Seminar I attended. I feel as though I have learned valuable skills to base my upcoming shift to sales on and I am no longer so apprehensive of the change in direction”. Olivia Bufton | NZ Sock Company