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Selling to Multi- level Decision Makers

This fast-paced 4 hour workshop is designed to enhance salespeople’s ability to analyse, penetrate, and build relationships in accounts where multi-level selling is required.

Topics include;


  •         Identifying Decision-Makers and Influencers in an Account
  •         Importance and challenges
  •         Developing a coach
  •         Dealing with gatekeepers
  •         Tactics for selling to Champions, Supporter, Doubters, Obstructionists
  •         Tactics to deal with common multi-level selling challenges
  •         Creating and Executing a Multi-Level Selling Action Plan
  •         Application exercise – participants apply multi-level selling concepts to the account they profiled in the pre workshop assignment, then present their plans in small teams for analysis, assessment, and feedback


A practical, hands-on approach to enhance sales relationships and results via pre-planned sales strategies and tactics.