Helping Business Succeed

Prospecting for new Business

This 4 hour workshop is designed to enhance salespeople’s ability to prospect for new business opportunities by telephone and/or in person, with the objective of setting appointments and gaining access to decision-makers.

Topics include;

  • The importance of prospecting as part of an organisation’s business development strategy and the challenges of prospecting
  • Developing prospecting opportunities (customised) and identifying the ”Ideal” prospect profile
  • Sources of leads and prospects and Preparing to prospect
  • Developing “call courage”: overcoming reluctance to prospecting
  • The Prospecting Scorecard, a record-keeping and motivational tool
  • Advantages and objectives of telephone and in-person prospecting
  • Turning the “Gatekeeper” into an ally and information source


A logical, step-by-step process for planning and executing professional prospecting strategies and skills