Helping Business Succeed

Proactive Selling Skills

The better trained your sales team is, the better results they will achieve in selling your products and services. The better results they achieve, the more positive impact on your bottom line. This workshop is designed for all sales teams and account managers from newcomers to the most experienced (as a refresher). Topics include;

  • What is selling?
  • Setting sales contact objectives
  • Planning sales contacts for maximum effectiveness
  • Approaching the customer/client;
  • Optimising the first 30 seconds
  • Asking the “right” questions to identify needs
  • Listening techniques that really work
  • Presenting your recommendation features/benefits)
  • Handling resistance and objections
  • Closing skills / gaining commitments to next steps



This highly interactive workshop focuses on learning and practicing the fundamentals of a consultative yet persuasive approach to selling.