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Training Programmes

Vincent Consulting Limited  provides sales training workshops, coaching and mentoring services and  solutions that develop  great “hunters”  with improved self confidence and structures to succeed.

One of the biggest challenges business faces today is positioning their products and services for maximum marketability. In most industries, all the players have access to basically the same technology and resources; thus, the products they turn out are very similar in terms of features, benefits and pricing.

In such a climate, how do you get an edge?

The best way to stay one up on the competition is to become proficient at selling value instead of price.

Any business that is willing to train its staff to the highest possible level will have the best chance of producing high income. Training is an important investment in your business.

Vincent Consulting Limited is the exclusive New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Rim distributors and facilitators for globally recognised Porter Henry Sales Training and the preferred nationwide supplier of sales and customer service training workshops to the New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

Our training links learning to  business objectives. We help people understand their role and importance.

Our training  delivers highly innovative, flexible learning solutions that may be more or less customised. However, even our standard content never feels off the shelf; it’s all based on proven research and decades of anecdotal experience. We create and deliver holistic, customized learning solutions with your business objectives and your customers’ needs and experiences in mind.  We understand sales people. We know how they learn, and importantly, we know to make learning and behaviour changes truly ‘stick’ and how these things can positively impact business performance.

Training programmesCustomer service , sales and sales management through to strategic sales planning  and business ethics. We have available to you at no obligation capability assessment scans for your sales and service teams.

Our desire is to increase revenues and profits for you

Call today to learn how your teams can sell MORE, on value and not on price. Crush price objections today!

 Coaching/NZTE Voucher Scheme

We are proud to be a Registered Service Provider under the Regional Business partner, NZ Trade and Enterprise’s (NZTE) Capability Development Voucher Scheme. Designed to assist business owners who are serious about growing their business, eligible businesses may qualify for funding to cover up to 50% of the full cost of our sales training programs, and up to a maximum of $5,000 per year.