Helping Business Succeed

Renewal of Focus

2018 is becoming a tough year for many companies. Companies need to focus on becoming selling focused and creating great teams.

Make your company a sales focused company.  Focus on securing revenue that will provide your company’s security and growth. You can only develop so much new product, produce so many units, set up so many systems but at the end of the day you need sales. Sales will define your success or failure.  Work toward creating a culture of “Sales focus” and being totally supportive to your sales functions.

Equip your sales teams with the skills to become brilliant at their abilities to sell and promote your company products and services.  Think about the roles and responsibilities of your Sales managers and their teams.

Sales Managers need skills to be able to produce the results you need in the tough economic situations we face. It is tough out there and you teams need to be better able to sell than your competitors – getting the story right – giving compelling reasons why your prospects and clients value your products and services more than their cash!

Review their skill base. Sales Managers will need a solid commercial understanding and an ability to understand the various impacts across the business. They will need abilities in planning, analysis, time management, finance, decision making, generating sales and margins, and broad industry experience with top notch product and market knowledge. They will need the ability to coach, counsel, motivate and reward your sales teams.

I encourage you to start this process today. Your sales teams will only be ever as good as your Sales Managers. The sales team’s ability to succeed is limited to the sales manager’s ability to lead by example.

Make your team great

I think the key to this is to actually become a follower! I have read so many books on the subject of leadership and yet there are few on the subject of becoming great followers.

Everywhere I have ever worked it seems to me that there always some employees who are dissatisfied with their bosses.

All of us have to answer to someone; at some point, we all have to be followers. And great leaders can’t be great unless they have great followers. A team of great followers can even make the most average of managers a great leader.
Let’s have a change of thinking and rather trying to achieve “being a great leader” I encourage you to practice what it takes to be a great follower. Here are some things I believe we should embrace right now.

  1. Keep your manager and colleagues informed.
    Leaders throughout history have made bad decisions based on a lack of information or bad information. Great employees keep their managers and colleagues abreast the issues.
  2. Support your manager and colleagues.
    Never criticise people behind their backs. It doesn’t help and its shows your unprofessionalism. It’s also a safe assumption that whatever you say, good or bad, will get back to them.

    3. Work smart and deliver results.
    Work to delivers extraordinary results and thereby earn more trust and latitude. Do what you say you’re going to do and do it well. Under promise (within reason) and over deliver.

    4. Admit mistakes.
    When you make a mistake, admit it. Be accountable; don’t make excuses, don’t point fingers, and don’t act like a victim. Share what happened, what you’re doing to fix it, and what you’ve learned so that it won’t happen again.

    5. Be a team member

Be a team player; be an advocate for your colleagues.

  1. Don’t delegate upwards.

Don’t bring problems to your manager, bring solutions. It works.

7. Prioritise your own work.
Great followers know what’s important and urgent, and what can wait. Put your time management knowledge to work.

8. Be positive
Everyone loves being around optimists – the positive attitude and energy is contagious. Glass half full is so much more attractive than the glass half empty attitude.

  1. Embrace change.

A great follower can see the possibilities in someone else’s idea. Encourage ideas and embrace change. Change is good.