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Lead Generation

The goal is simply having enough qualified prospects that lead to an increase in your business revenues. Every business would like to have more high-quality prospects, but many businesses just don’t have sufficient time to spend on generating leads or may be doubtful on how best to do it.  You are not alone – this issue affects most business.

In any given industry, there are a whole lot of potential lead sources that can be used to supply your business with highly-qualified sales leads. Some are very simple and inexpensive to set-up, others are more involved. Some will give you a trickle of leads, others will produce a flood.


An effective lead generation system should …

  • Require little effort to effectively run it with the ability to be put almost entirely on “autopilot.”
  • Generate names, addresses, and even email addresses of people who respond and are interested in knowing more about your specific product or service.
  • People who respond give you permission to contact them and ultimately give you the opportunity to present your specific product or service.
  • Create a positive relationship of trust and generates a perception that you are “the” authority in your industry about your product or service. (Tells your story.)
  • Generate improved income. The system works like a radio volume control that increases your business when turned up and maintains your business when turned down.


The basics of lead generation include firstly targeting best buyers.  For most of us, if we look at our financial statements and income from sales we will see that the Pareto “80/20 Rule” is working within your business. That is, just 20 percent of your clients are giving you 80 percent of the business and profitability. These are your “Best Buyers” or “Dream Clients.”

The next step is to become more proactive with your follow ups.  Follow up always in a diligent, timely, and continuous manner.

Every day that a lead goes unattended you are eroding the viability of that opportunity by a huge amount. They would not have responded and become a lead if they were not interested in the benefit your product or service offers.

The key to success with handling leads is to have a proactive system in place, even if it’s a simple as picking up the phone and calling your lead. Each new lead responded to you because they were interested, so pounce on each opportunity.

Proven Lead Generation Systems include;

1) Direct Mail to your Best Buyers.

This easy and inexpensive strategy alone can increase your revenues significantly.

2) Publishing content

Publishing is an easy tool that you can use.

3) Advertise.

Some studies show that 50% of all purchasing is motivated by advertising.

4) Referrals

Referral marketing is one of the most effective techniques for creating steady streams of prospects and clients.

5) Networking

Having real authentic conversations with interested people off line or online is critical to a small businesses growth and lead generation funnel.

6) Speaking

Get to speak in-front of key prospects is one of the best ways they can get a taste of you. It is also a perfect lead generation forum.

7) Online SEO, Google etc.

Having an optimised website is a must. Search Engines Optimisation is all about Google and other search engines finding your site.


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